“So how do you like living in China?” asked my casual acquaintance over a recent family visit in Germany. I blinked twice because I had just finished telling the gentlemen in question, about our life in Singapore for the past year.

Me: “Oh no, we live in Singapore. It’s not umm part of China, though the majority of the people are of Chinese origin.”

Him: “I see. So which city exactly in Singapore do you live in?”


That was the sound of me making a polite excuse to get away from the gentlemen and the excruciating conversation in question.

Unfortunately I couldn’t quite escape the plethora of questions coming my way about Singapore on our recent European trip back home. A friend in Denmark who promised to visit us asked which airport would be best to fly into – Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur?

Excited relatives in Italy asked if we could see pandas from our apartment.

Curious neighbors in Germany wondered if we had learnt the “Singapore language”.

Since their version of our lives sounded way more interesting than reality, I may not exactly have been in a hurry to set the record straight.

What do you imagine, when you think of Singapore?

#expatlife #soundsmoreinterestingthanitactuallyis #canyoufinditonamap?


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