I provide freelance work  in writing, speaking and content creation. I also have journalistic experience in interviewing people for articles, covering events, writing reviews and researching stories.

My previous role as a Content Editor and Editorial Team member of a lifestyle magazine (FUCHSIA Magazine, Singapore), means I am well versed in the magazine industry and deal effectively with content creation, idea generation and tight working deadlines.

Academically, my joint degree in Economics and Political Science at Mount Holyoke College (MA, USA) and at University of Sussex (Brighton, UK) served as the foundation for my strong writing and analytical skills. My 7+ years working in the fast-paced corporate world of investment banking (Morgan Stanley, Houston TX) and international oil trading (Maersk Oil Trading, Copenhagen, Denmark), exposed me to multiple stakeholders and allowed me to refine my communication skills by catering to specific audiences, and effectively tailoring my communication for a diverse range of target groups.

My blog has been the featured blog on ExpatBlogs.com and has also been included in the list of 30 Expat Blogs you have to read by Expat Joy. I do regular expat interviews such as with Global Living Magazine and my expat life has also recently been the subject of a documentary sponsored by the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) as part of their Soulful Series.

I write articles and speak on various topics, (including but not limited to):
  1. Travel articles and features
  2. Challenges of moving and life as an expat, including tips for the expat spouse
  3. The joys and challenges of raising multilingual children abroad and expat parenting in a cross-cultural environment
  4. Issues of identity and cross-cultural differences around the world
  5. Dubai/UAE specific expat articles and tips

You can hire me as:

  • A contributing writer for your magazine (physical or online)
  • A speaker at an expat conference, or to give talks on any of the topics above and speak from personal experience
  • A podcast or interview expert on expat topics
  • A travel/expat consultant for Dubai, UAE

If you like what you read, and would like to work with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The fastest way to get in touch with me is to send me an email at: mariamottimofiore@gmail.com. I reply to every email I receive!

For more details on my work and how to get in touch with me, you can also click here: Contact Me

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